Brand New Veeroll Features Released!

We’ve been a little busy lately!

Over the last few weeks, on top of all the changes for InStream ads, we’ve also been quietly adding a bunch of new features to make your life easier when using Veeroll.

Inside this article, I summarise some of the main (visible) updates on Veeroll and how they will help you be more effective AND efficient when setting up your video ad campaigns.

Let’s get into it…

1. Video Templates Now FULLY Automated!

It’s taken us a few months, but we finally did it!

We’ve now COMPLETELY automated ALL our video templates inside Veeroll.

This is MASSIVE for you!

Previously, waiting for new videos created using Veeroll was one of the biggest pain points for our members – it would often take 2 to 3 days to get the videos back with our manual version. And sometimes if specific changes were needed it could take even longer!

We always knew that waiting THAT long for your videos was never going to be good. And so now, those long days of waiting are over!

Whenever you submit a new video to Veeroll now, you *should* be able to get it back within around 15-45 minutes, depending on load. And if it takes more than 1 hour, you know there is something wrong and you can contact us to push it through the queue for you as soon as possible.

Of course, the actual templates and how your videos will look at the end has not changed… the only difference is that you will get your videos back MUCH faster now.

Nice huh?

If you have not tried the automated templates yet, please go ahead and give it a test!

It’s amazing how much easier video campaigns become when you can create video ads as fast as this!

You can seriously create a whole new campaign from scratch in under an hour now… including ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, and having your video ad LIVE on Adwords sending you views and traffic!

We know of NO other service in the world that can offer you this.

2. Brand New Templates That Work On Mobile

Along with the template automation update, you now also have access to a whole new set of templates that WILL work on mobile devices too.

The new set of templates have fondly been christened the “EasyClick” templates, mainly because they make it really easy for getting clicks from your ads. Unlike the “old” templates, where you now have to add a clickable annotation to make them work, for these EasyClick templates, you don’t have to do anything extra!

They will just “work out of the box”… so to speak 🙂

What happened to the old templates you ask?

Well, with the recent InStream Ad format changes, things turned out A LOT better than we thought!

We did not have to actually change anything in the templates themselves. But to make them work now, you have to add a clickable annotation during the part where you ask people to click anywhere in your video.

And we appropriately decided to re-christen these templates as the “Annotations” templates.

So when you go look inside the “Create” area inside Veeroll, you’ll see two sets of templates…

  1. The old set of templates now called Annotations
  2. The new set of templates called EasyClick

Very soon, we’ll also have specific templates available for the new Card system for InStream ads. But once we have these ready, we’ll create some extra training to help you make use of them in the most effective way. Our initial tests are looking VERY promising.

More on this very soon…

3. Ability To Upload Your Veeroll Videos To Any YouTube Channel Of Your Choice

So many people asked us for this one. In the past, we used to host all the Veeroll created video ads for our members. Now, you get to choose your very own YouTube channel where you want to upload your newly created video ads to.

How cool is that?

The main difference here for you now, is that you have to initiate the upload of your videos to your own channel(s) every time you create a new video.

In the past of course, the videos would automatically get uploaded to a Veeroll hosted channel. But now, with the added flexibility of having your own YouTube channels linked, you need to initiate the process before you will be able to see the link of your video inside your Veeroll account.

Other than being able to now have full control over where your Veeroll created video ads get hosted, you also get the following two very awesome benefits:

  • You can now get access to more statistics on the performance of your video ads
  • You can now start building YouTube remarketing lists from your own video ads (the more advanced folks will love this one!)

Nice right?

You bet!

4. Brand Spanking New Forum To Help You Get More Answers Faster

And to make things even more awesome’r for you, we’ve also added a very easy to use forum inside the members area. Here, you can ask a question, and either someone from our team, or someone from the Veeroll community can get back to you with a speedy answer.

And of course, if you want to score some brownie points with other Veeroll members, or simply get to meet other Veeroll members, this is the place to hang out.

It’s still a very new and fresh forum at this stage, but as we grow, we will ad more features… and of course, over time the forum will receive a ton of questions, answers and discussions, which will make the whole Veeroll platform even more useful for everyone!

One of our aims is to build a really strong community for anyone interested in online video advertising. And our new forum is just the start of this initiative!

Go check it out now if you haven’t already, and introduce yourself so you can start making friends with other Veerollers!

All right, that’s about it for now!

It’s been a very busy few weeks and months. But we are committed to always improving the Veeroll platform to ensure the best possible result for your video ad campaigns. And to that effect, we’re already working on some really exciting new innovations that will take things to an even higher level for you!

More about this coming very soon.

For now… watch this space!

Gideon Shalwick

PS: If you’re not a member of the thriving and fast growing Veeroll community just yet, make sure you check out our main page and join as soon as you can… unless you want to miss out on all the latest cutting edge information on video advertising! Click here to find our more…


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