Want To Win Some Cool Prizes?

We would like to warmly invite you to a brand new competition we are running, where you can win up to $1,097 worth in prizes (top prize), as well as the chance of getting featured as a HOTSEAT in one of our upcoming high profile LIVE events!

The unique thing about this competition, is that everyone who enters will win SOMETHING!

Why are we doing this?

Well, as product creators, it’s always great to hear back from our customers who are using our service. But from time to time, it’s nice to also be able to garner specific case studies and testimonials from our users.

You can benefit from this in at least 2 ways…

  1. Everyone who enters WILL win something (see prizes below).
  2. You will see what others are up to and get inspiration from them, AND also garner strategies from others on what works for them and how you can use those same ideas in your own campaigns – we’re all learning together here right?!

And of course, the benefit for us is that we’ll be able to feature a number of high quality case studies and testimonials to help us grow the Veeroll community further… which also holds more benefits for you (more people to learn from!).

It’s Really Simple To Enter…

To enter your submission, you just submit your case study or testimonial in the form at the end of this post.

Each entry will get rewarded one of the prizes listed below… but please note that the better your entry, the better the prize is that you will be winning.

Ok, so here is what you can win…

Prizes For EVERYONE who enters

For text only case studies or testimonials…

  • $50 worth of videos credited to your Veeroll account.

For text AND screen shot case studies or testimonials…

  • $100 worth of videos credited to your Veeroll account.

For text AND screenshots AND video case studies or testimonials…

  • $200 worth of videos credited to your Veeroll account.

3 Prizes For The Top 3 Submissions

To make this a little more interesting, we’d like to award 3 extra special prizes (on top of the above prizes) for the top 3 submissions. Here they are:

1st PRIZE – HOTSEAT + 6 Months Free Service

For ONE lucky entrant, we will feature you as a HOTSEAT on one of our upcoming online LIVE events. During this HOTSEAT, you’ll be able to explain your strategy, how you managed to get your result, and we’ll analyse your campaign right there on the spot and show you how you can improve it even more!

Not only will you get a ton more exposure for your business to the Veeroll community, but you’ll also be able to improve your current and future campaigns even further!

And if that’s not enough, we’ll also throw in 6 month’s worth of complimentary access to Veeroll for whichever plan you are currently signed up for.

2nd PRIZE – 3 Months Free Service

For ONE person, we will throw in 3 month’s worth of complimentary access to Veeroll for whichever plan you are currently signed up for.

3rd PRIZE – 1 Month Free Service

For ONE person, we will throw in 1 month’s worth of complimentary access to Veeroll for whichever plan you are currently signed up for.

Cool huh?

Here Are The Rules For Entering

1. Only ONE prize per person/account – you are allowed to submit more than one entries, but you will only get one prize – we’ll give you whatever the highest level or prize is that you’ve qualified for for your collective entries).

2. You have to submit your entry BEFORE midnight Friday May 29, 2015.

3. Your entry must be 100% truthful and able to be backed up by real life data and results. Any untruthful entries will be ignored and no prize awarded.

4. Your submission has to be of value. Silly submissions just for the fun of it will not be eligible for any of the prizes. This kinda goes without saying really!

5. Hide any sensitive data you don’t want us or anyone else to see publicly. We’ll be publishing these case studies/testimonials publicly to help us promote the Veeroll brand. So your testimonial will likely be seen by many thousands of people.

6. By submitting your case study/testimonial, you agree that it is ok for us to use your text and images and video in any of our promotional materials.

7. You have to be a Veeroll member to be able to enter 🙂 (keep reading if you’re not a Veeroll member yet).

How To Create A Winning Case Study Or Testimonial

To help you submit a case study or testimonial that we’d be able to use in our promotional materials, please follow these handy tips.

The kind of results we’re looking for…

ANY positive result really. This could include..

  • Any increase in views on YouTube
  • Any increase in traffic to your site
  • Any increase in leads for your business
  • Any increase in sales for your business
  • Any increase in YouTube subscribers

That kinda thing.

And here is a possible structure/layout you could use for your submissions…

  1. What your situation was like before you started using Veeroll (in terms of views, traffic, leads, sales, subscriptions or whatever is relevant).
  2. The strategy you used to get the improvement.
  3. The improvements and results you gained from implementing the strategy.

Of course, this is only a a suggestion for the structure of your submission. But for whatever structure or format you use, please make sure you get as specific as possible with your actual results. Eg, instead of saying something like “I got HEAPS more traffic from using Veeroll”, rather say something like “My traffic increased by 63% as a direct result of using Veeroll”.

Here’s an example of the kind of case studies or testimonials we’d like to see from you…


“I started using Veeroll because I was looking for alternative sources of traffic for my video marketing business. I was really struggling to make other paid advertising work for me. But then I came Veeroll and it totally changed the way I look at paid advertising.

I really love how the platform makes everything so darn easy and fast. But the best part is that it also helps me create MUCH more effective video advertising campaigns.

For example, just recently I ran a campaign for my video production business – we paid around 8c per click, and sent 3,500 hits to our website, which turned into 712 leads and 64 sales at $47 each. Overall we spent $280 and made a whopping $3,008 in sales!

I am truly thankful for everything I’ve received from Veeroll – I just LOVE it!

Bob Jones”


And then on top of this of course, you can submit some screen shots showing any of your results, and also a video where you go through the case study yourself.

Extra Tips On How To Win One Of The Top 3 Prizes

Here is how we will decide on the top 3 winners:

We will consider ALL valid entries for the top 3 prizes. The winners will not necessarily be decided on how successful their campaigns were, although, that will help of course.

But to level the playing field for everyone, this is what we will be looking for to help us make our final decisions:

  • How well the whole case study or testimonial has been put together overall.
  • How extensive and elaborate the case study or testimonial is.
  • How specific the results are and how clearly they have been communicated in your case study or testimonial.

Ok, that’s about it.

Now it’s your turn!

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to leave your question or comment below this post in the comments area.

You have around 2 weeks from the date of this blog post to get your results in!!!

Go get’em!

Gideon Shalwick
Co-founder, Veeroll.com

PS: If you’re not a member of Veeroll, and you’re reading this, and you would like to be part of this competition, please go ahead and join Veeroll now and start creating your very own case study before the deadline! You can join by clicking here.

Submit Your Case Study / Testimonial Using The Form Below

  • Max. file size: 64 MB.

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