How to Get 76,974 Youtube Views in 10 Days

image10You get it, right?…

You know you must focus on building relationships and giving value. You know you can’t just ask a cold prospect for the sale. You have to be patient.

But what happens when you’re burning dollars every day on advertising?

Still feeling patient?

Once we start spending our precious dollars on paid advertising we want to see RESULTS… and preferably yesterday!

But today I want to share a different perspective with you.

Because, paid advertising can also be part of a long-term strategy, that might not instantly be measurable in dollar signs.

I’m talking about how to use advertising, not in a way that “turns $1 into $3”, but in an (possibly) even bigger way, which is to build a BRAND.

This week we had the honor to publish a case study on the Digital Marketer blog.

It’s the awesome story of how 12-year old singer/songwriter Emily Faith used Youtube Video Ads to build a brand.

What are you waiting for? Go here now to read the full article!

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