REVIEW: Bulletproof Youtube Ads by John Belcher

“Dude knows what he’s talking about!”

…was my first thought as I went through John Belcher’s course: Bulletproof Youtube Ads.

At Veeroll we’ve been active in the Youtube Video Advertising space for a few good years now. Even though we’ve learned a thing or 2 already about what works and what doesn’t, nothing excites us more than being introduced to even more people that are ROCKING it with their Youtube Ads.

And, that are passing on their valuable lessons to the community.

John Belcher is exactly one of those guys! As a former Googler and seasoned Youtube advertiser, he has already helped more than 30 companies implement profitable YouTube acquisition campaigns.

You may have seen his recent guest post on our blog, The Anatomy Of The Perfect In-Stream Ad, in which he shared his 5 critical components for creating highly effective Youtube Video Ads.

But… there’s more where that came from!

As a matter of fact, John created an entire step-by-step course for Justin Brooke’s Digital Media Buying Institute, also known as THE place to be for the best media buying courses on the planet.

In the course, you’ll learn how to setup Youtube Ad campaigns the RIGHT way. All the way from doing targeting research, setting up tracking, creating your video ads, building and optimizing your campaigns and WAY more.

I’m excited to tell you that I learned a ton of valuable new things from his course and in this post, I want to share my 3 main takeaways!

#1. Don’t Try To Get A Sale Over $20 Directly From A Youtube Ad.

Your Facebook strategy may not "work" on Youtube. Build a dedicated funnel for the platform you're advertising on.

Your Facebook strategy may not “work” on Youtube. Build a dedicated funnel for the platform you’re advertising on.

I repeat: “Do not try to get a sale over $20 directly from a Youtube Ad”.

Ok, so why is this such a big deal?

We all know that when selling to humans (which I reckon is most cases!) we have to “warm people up first”, right?

Do you go to a bar and ask someone to marry you right away? Heck, do you even ask someone on a date before you’ve had some initial chit-chat?

Likely not! And no, it’s not the most original example, but one of the most obvious ways to see how this works in real life.

What do we try to do online though? Often the exact opposite.

As I’ve been running campaigns for a while already I know the importance of this “warming up” phase. But in practice, it can be very easy to get impatient.

Specifically, in working with clients, I’ve noticed that it can be quite a challenge to convince said client that sending cold traffic straight to a sales page with a high priced offer SIMPLY DOESN’T WORK.

You may have noticed this too, whether you’re running campaigns for your own business or for others.

If you want to make your campaigns work you HAVE to think long term and invest in those several touchpoints with your prospects to build a relationship. And, in addition to that, you ALSO have to be highly aware of the differences between various advertising platforms.

The funnel that works for your Facebook ads may not work for Youtube traffic. That doesn’t mean the traffic is less valuable. It just means you have to approach it differently.

Winning the game of paid traffic is about building strong funnels that take your prospect on a journey… AND about building funnels that are appropriate for the PLATFORM you’re advertising on.

Thanks for the reminder, John!

#2. Awesome Targeting Options You’ve Never Heard Of.

Ohhh, targeting! Such a juicy topic!

You may know that at Veeroll we’re big fans of video placement targeting: running your video ads in front of HIGHLY relevant Youtube Videos.

In fact, we’ve built a dedicated tool for that to help you create lists of 1000’s of those videos in a matter of seconds. It actually helps you to do keyword research too, but more on that in a future post!

Use our targeting tool to quickly find 1000's of relevant videos to advertise on.

Use our targeting tool to quickly find 1000’s of relevant videos to advertise on.

But… there’s SO much more under the sun when it comes to the targeting options you can use on Youtube! And luckily, John goes into that in great depth in his course.

Using Lookalike Audiences on Facebook? Yep, you can do that on Youtube too and they’re called Similar Audiences. And yes, just like on Facebook you can upload email lists of leads and customers, to build those lists automatically.

Want to target people who have recently been searching for similar products on Google? Yep, you can do that on Youtube with In-Market Audiences. These are audiences of people that are actively researching or comparing products and services across the Google Display Network, publisher & partner sites, and YouTube! Doesn’t get much better than that.

Ever thought “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could target my video ads to people who visit certain websites, also if they’re not on those specific sites at that moment”? Yep, coming right up… you can do that with Custom Affinity Audiences.

And finally… ever wanted to retarget not just website visitors, but people who have watched one of your Youtube videos or video ads? You got it! That’s called Video Remarketing. In my next point, I’ll dive into that a little deeper.

In the course, John explains the difference between what he calls: sniper targeting, shotgun targeting, and machine gun targeting.

As I heard him explain these options I realized once again that Adwords is an absolute monster (in a good kinda way) when it comes to targeting options and options to SCALE.

#3. The power of Sequencing (or “Video Remarketing”).

Dollar Shave Club used sequencing to tell a story with their video ads.

Dollar Shave Club used sequencing to tell a story with their video ads.

What is Video Remarketing again? It means you can create lists of people who have watched your videos and run new ads to them!

You may have already used this on Facebook as they’ve been cranking out tons of features in the past year to help advertisers get the most out of their video ads.

Inside AdWords, you can do the exact same thing and it has actually been around for a while! The question is of course… HOW do you actually use this?

In the course, John talks more about the concept of sequencing: telling a story with several video ads.

He gives the example of how Dollar Shave Club absolutely nailed this with 2 separate videos:

  1. The first video they ran as an ad was “ – Our Blades Are F***ing Great
  2. Then, they ran another video to everyone who watched the first one, but hadn’t taken action yet: “Why should I try Dollar Shave Club? What the FAQ“.

In case you’re reading this going “Yeah great, but I don’t have 50K to spare to create videos at this level!”, let’s think of a way you could implement this in the most basic fashion:

A very simple DIY remarketing sequence could be:

  1. Create a simple 1-2 min. video of you giving a valuable tip that your audience could benefit from. Read John’s guest post from a few week’s ago for more tips on how to create that.
  2. Then, remarket to everyone who watched that video with a Veeroll Video Template to remind them that you haven even more awesome tips in the additional FREE PDF they can download. A quick powerful message like that, to people who are already warmed up, can be highly effective.

And boom! Your first sequence is live!

So, what else can you expect?


A screenshot from the Bulletproof Youtube Ads course environment.

As I was going through this course I kept going “Man, this course is REALLY good”. Even though I’ve been doing Youtube ads for a few years now I still got a ton of nuggets out of it.

What I loved most about it is that you won’t just learn tactics, you will learn STRATEGY.

We can all learn how to click a few buttons and build a campaign in AdWords, but if you don’t have a solid campaign plan or strategy, you will absolutely get nowhere.

If you’ve ever been frustrated about your campaigns (who hasn’t!) wondering if you should go back to the drawing board… then yep, this is the course for you!

Now, of course, you also want to know if there’s anything I DIDN’T like about it right?

Well… I can’t say I “didn’t like” it per se, but I found the modules on Baselines and Budget pretty intense, which are all about numbers and analytics.

As I’m a more “creative” and less “analytical” kinda gal, I noticed that watching them just once wasn’t quite enough for me to get it. I LOVE creating ad copy, but doing math? Not so much!

But…if you want to do advertising right, getting a grip on your numbers and understanding analytics is absolutely vital. Also if that means you have to watch the videos a few times over, like me.

One final thing is that it would have been great to have the case study that he starts with, continue all the way until the end of the course. As media buyers, we love nothing more than to get a sneak peek behind the curtain of other people’s campaigns, especially in the optimizing and scaling stage!

But… I know from my own experience in working with clients, that you’re often not allowed to share this data, which I can imagine was the case for John as well.

Even without the examples at the end, the frameworks he gives for optimizing and scaling are incredibly useful and helped me to squeeze a lot more out of the campaigns I was running.

Get BulletProof Youtube Ads With A Special Discount!

In other words…I learned a ton from this course! If you want to get better results from your Youtube campaigns as well, make sure to check out the Bulletproof Youtube Ads course page to learn more about what’s inside. And, don’t forget to check the video at the top of this page where I give you a little sneak peek!

Oh by the way…. did I mention it normally sells for only 99 bucks? Um yep, ridiculous!

But wait….the awesome folks at DMBI were nice enough to give our community an EVEN BETTER deal. Here it comes:

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Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 9.27.46 AM

Yep… we’re not kidding! For less than 75 bucks you’ll get to learn solid strategies and tactics that can literally turn your broken Youtube campaigns into winners, and your ad spend into profit!

So, go get your hands on it NOW and start getting better results from your Youtube campaigns.

Got any questions? Just leave them below and we’ll get back to you asap 🙂

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