The Anatomy of a Highly Effective Video Ad + a New Feature!

Oh, the power of words.

They can start wars, break hearts, soothe pain, ignite a revolution…

And… most importantly, drive sales. Ha!

Okay okay…

Driving sales might not actually be the most important thing in LIFE (debatable)… but it surely IS for the LIFEBLOOD of your business.

That’s why today I’m talking about how to write words that SELL.

‘Cause, we’re not in the business of getting views and clicks, we’re in the business of getting conversions!

So, get ready while I share with you how to create powerful video ads that convert like hot cakes.

How does it all work?

Before we dive in, you may still be wondering how this whole video creation thing even works in Veeroll.

Let me explain!

In a previous post, I shared with you how you can find your target audience in Veeroll by gathering a list of placements (video links) that your audience is watching.

The NEXT step in building your campaign is to create your video ad, which is the video that will be shown in front of those placements.

In other words, someone will watch a video about DIY video backdrops and before it starts playing they will see YOUR video ad that shows your epic backdrop stand that will make their life ten times easier.

These ads are called Instream Ads and they are the ones that you can SKIP.

This means that your goal is to get your viewer to either:

  • SKIP it: because then you won’t pay, or
  • CLICK it: preferably before the 30-second mark, because then you don’t have to pay either!

Is that even true, you ask?

Well, it IS still true at the moment. We’ve heard rumors that this 30-second rule is about to change sometime soon though.

Either way, your message has to be able to convince your viewer, in the very short time you have! And that’s why the art of script writing is so important to master.

Make sure to keep reading to get an analysis of one of our most successful video scripts below (with a click-through-rate of 221%, not kidding!)

What’s the goal of your campaign?

Before you start playing around with words, AND before you choose your video template, you need to know what the overall goal is of your campaign.

Do you want to capture email addresses, add subscribers to your channel, offer your products directly? What is the exact result you’re aiming for?

As Claude Hopkins said in his famous book Scientific Advertising:

“Money spending is a serious matter, y’all”.

(ok, not sure about “y’all”, it was 1923 after all)

But Claude was right back then, and he still is today.

In other words, don’t spend your precious dollars/pounds/bitcoins/whatevers until you know why you’re doing it in the first place.

Yes, there are indeed huge brands that burn advertising budgets faster than an Insanity workout burns calories!

Even today, a lot of businesses still advertise without having a clear strategy. But, we’re here to help YOU be smarter than that.

It’s important to know exactly what your goal is. When you know this, you can choose to send your viewer to many different places from your ad.

So, where are you sending your peeps to?

For example, you can send your viewer to:

  • another Youtube video
  • your Youtube channel
  • your Landing Page
  • your Facebook Page
  • the Bahamas*

(*Well no,  … but we might live to see the day! #teleportation)

Anyways… as you can see, there are many options.

Decide where you want to send your audience to and what you want them to do, when they get there.

Now you’re ready to write your first epic video script!

And, what was your solution again?

To recap a little bit…

A few weeks ago we took 4 important steps to get clarity on who exactly your ideal customer is.

So that means you now know:

  • who you’re talking to
  • which problems you’re solving and…
  • the ONE main problem or pain point you’re going to focus on for your ad.

All you have to do next is translate this into 5 persuasive one-liners to use in one of our awesome video templates.

Why should you use video templates?

When it comes to creating your ad, let’s start with the 3 main reasons using one of our templates is a good idea:

They are el cheapo (relatively).

Hiring a professional team to create a fancy schmancy video for your brand is obviously gonna cost ya! Unless you are super rich, know a friend of a friend, or have mad video production skills yourself, this is not something you can pull off on a regular basis.

Professionally made videos usually cost in the thousands of dollars.  And, we believe you can spend that money much more wisely.

Because, in advertising, you want to be able to test what WORKS and what DOESN’T and then… do more of what WORKS.

Sounds pretty logical right? Well, this type of testing is very easy to do with our templates, and yes, your wallet will thank you.

They save you a lot of time.

This is pretty obvious of course, but being able to whip out a new video ad in a matter of minutes will literally save you hours, if not days.


We’re pleased to announce that our new automation feature is coming very very soon!

This means that when you submit your ad, you won’t have to wait for 24-48h hours for it to come out of the oven.

When you submit your new ad it will literally be ready for you to use after 15-20 minutes, or 1-hour max (depending on the demand at that moment).

We live in a time where if we want something, we want it NOW, don’t you agree?

Our new automation feature will help you do just that. Got an idea for a new ad you want to test? Create it, upload it and BOOM…it will be ready on your dashboard before you know it.

Another change we’re implementing right now is the ability to upload the video to your own channel of choice!

As a Veeroller, you will be the FIRST to hear when these features go live.

Not a Veeroller yet? Click here to sign up for your free demo and join the community.

Time to finish off with reason number 3.

Last but not least:

They get great results.

Now, you may be wondering about 2 things. Or maybe not, but I feel so excited about it that I’m going to explain them anyway!

#1 “Won’t I get better results if I have a custom video professionally made”?

No, not necessarily.

As a matter of fact, one of our own video templates even got 4x as many clicks as a $1500 dollar costing video.

Tom Breeze, one of the Youtube Ad experts we often turn to for advice, also confirmed to us that he’s had similar experiences in working with his clients. He shared an example with us of a professionally made video that only 5% of people clicked on.


When you know that a 50% click through rate is most certainly possible, you don’t want to settle for such a low percentage ever again.

Now, the reason that it’s sometimes hard to get the same results with “professional videos” is that they’re not necessarily optimized for conversions.

The general “hey here’s my awesome brand/story and this is what I do” pretty type of video is GREAT to have on your homepage if it does indeed represent your brand accurately. But, it doesn’t necessarily convert well as an ad.

Again, this is not a universal truth (remember: testing is the word!) but something you should definitely be aware of.

A professionally made video does not necessarily equal conversions!

[Tweet “A professionally made video does not necessarily equal conversions! Click to see what does!”]

Our video templates are carefully crafted based on scientifically proven marketing principles. They’re designed to capture your viewers’ attention and to convince them to take action at the exact right moment.

One of the ways we do this is by encouraging the viewer to click through before the 30-second mark.

#2: “Isn’t it better if I’m featured in my own video?”

Yes, results show that talking head videos (that’s your head talking, on camera) can convert extremely well. This is because they’re simply more personal and… people relate to people!

So, if you are comfortable being on camera, by all means, test it out!

However, if you DON’T like being on camera, or simply don’t have the time to make it work, do NOT worry. We’ve gotten incredible results with our ready made templates and so can you.

So let’s get into the nitty gritty of how to write your video script, right now!

Let’s write a script.

First of all, go grab yourself a notepad, new text document or anything else that allows you to write with focus.

These are the rules of the script writing game:

  • In each video ad, you can use 5 sentences of max. 40 characters each.
  • Each sentence lasts about 5 seconds.
  • That means that after 25 seconds the call to action button will appear (again, focused on getting that click before the 30-second mark).
  • Each of those sentences has to have a specific goal.

I’m gonna show you what I mean by this with an example script of the very successful ad I mentioned earlier.

This is the video we used, for the landing page (the example I used for my landing page article  last week):

The script:

“Wasting your time making an intro?
We can make one for you!
All you need is a logo or image
We take care of the rest
Click to get yours NOW”

Yep, that’s it.

You may be thinking, well that doesn’t sound too complex now, does it?

Indeed it isn’t. Your message has to be clear and effective, but not complex.

And, if you show it to the right people at the right time, you can get incredible results like this.

Because I know you wanna know, I’m going to explain this ridiculously sounding 221% CTR to you right now.

This number is possible because more people clicked than viewed the ad. At this moment a view only counts as a view when people watch more than 30 seconds OR if your video is shorter than 30 seconds, then your full video… whichever comes first.

So, if a lot of people click your ad before the view is counted, you can get insane CTR’s just like this.

Again, this 30-second rule might change soon. But, as the good marketer you are (becoming), you’re not dependent on these types of changes to run successful ads!

So, let’s break down the 5 sentences and what they’re supposed to achieve:

1. Attention: Grab Their Attention In The First 5 Seconds

The theory:
One of the best ways to grab people’s attention in the first 5 seconds of your video, is to hone in on the exact pain point or problem that your target audience is experiencing.

When you get this right, you’ll have what is known as Audience To Problem Match. In other words… you will have targeted THE RIGHT AUDIENCE, and you will have identified THE RIGHT PROBLEM that they are truly struggling with.

When you get a true Audience To Problem Match, you’ll have a MUCH higher chance of people watching past the first five seconds instead of clicking on the skip button.

The example:
“Wasting your time making an intro?”

Using a question can be a great way to get attention. And, this question immediately addresses a pain point. It’s quite likely that someone watching videos on how to make intros is in fact frustrated by the time it takes to do it themselves.

‘Cause if anything we want more of nowadays, it’s time! Addressing this frustration immediately is a great start.

2. Interest: Build Interest By Hinting At Your Solution

The theory:
Once you’ve got the attention of your viewer, your next challenge is to KEEP their attention!

One of the best ways we’ve found to achieve this is to create a massive open loop, intrigue or interest!

Remember, you only have 5 seconds, again, to get people engaged. The idea is to peak their interest and to get them to WANT to watch the rest of your video ad.

One way to do this is to give people a hint about your amazing solution. What you’re looking to achieve here, is to get what’s known as Problem To Solution Match. In other words, getting your viewer to realize that you actually have a practical solution to their exact problem.

This part is probably the hardest to get right from a scriptwriting perspective.

The example:
“We can make one for you!”

This sentence creates interest and intrigue by hinting at a solution, but not quite revealing it yet. It makes you want to know more about how it works!

3. Desire: Create Desire By Selling The Main Benefit Of Your Solution

The theory:
For the next five seconds, your job is to sell your solution a bit more using the main benefit of your product. You need to convince your viewer WHY your solution is so amazing and unique compared to everything else out there.

What is your USP (unique selling proposition)? Why should they care?

The example:
“All you need is a logo or image”

This solution sounds simple. And who doesn’t love simple?

It immediately makes you feel like it’s a weight off your shoulders. This solution is sounding better and better every second, which is exactly what we want!

4. Conviction: Apply A Psychological Trigger

The theory:
Next, you either expand on your USP, or you apply a powerful psychological trigger to get people ready to take action during the CTA at the end.

If you want to know more about specific triggers you can use, we highly recommend reading the amazing book Influence by Dr. Robert Cialdini.

In this book, which is based on extensive scientific research, he talks about 6 triggers to influence people to take action. These are:

  1. Reciprocity
  2. Commitment & Consistency
  3. Social Proof
  4. Liking
  5. Authority
  6. Scarcity

To read more about those powerful triggers, click here to sign up for Veeroll and download the Script Writing Guide, that goes even more in depth!

The example:
“We take care of the rest”

In this example, we mainly focused on expanding on our USP.  We make the viewer feel that we will fully take care of everything and they will simply have one less thing to worry about!

If we were to have chosen one of the 6 triggers above, we could, for example, have said something like “50% Discount For The Next 24 Hrs Only!” (#6, a Scarcity trigger).

5. Action: Call Your Viewer To Action

The theory:
Et voila.. the only thing left is to call your viewers to take a specific action! This is by FAR the easiest part of the script.

Your goal for this part is to simply ask people to click on your ad. That’s all.

If you’ve done a good job with the other parts of the formula, people will naturally WANT to take action. And all you have to do is tell them to!

The example:
“Click to get yours NOW”

In other words, do it and do it now! Very clear, no mistake about it.

And, we’re done!

Remember that gazillion books have been written on the science of marketing and psychology, which all effective advertising is based on.

Good marketers are ALWAYS learning and improving their skills.

So, don’t worry if you feel like you need a little more practice at this scriptwriting thing, because we ALL do.

And also, don’t feel like you have to reinvent the wheel! Reading one of the books we mention in our Script Writing Guide can help you to improve a lot faster.

Submitting Your Video Ad.

Do you want to see for yourself how easy it is to create your video ad inside Veeroll?

Click here to sign up for your free demo and make sure to watch the video at the top of this post to get a sneak peak of how it works!

Now, I have 2 requests for you!

#1. Do you have any specific questions relating to this post?
#2. What kind of video templates would you love to see inside Veeroll?

Since we’re close to completing our new automation feature, we’ll soon be able to create a lot more awesome new video templates for you.

So, please let me know in the comments below what type of templates you’d like to see! We’d love to hear from you!

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